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Training with a Fitness Band

What strengths are needed?

In order to answer this question, you first have to ask yourself, which goal does the Fitness Band support me in? Do I want to rebuild my muscles after an injury? Am I trying to compensate for imbalances? Do I need help with an exercise? ...etc.

Anyone who grabs a theraband to build muscle after an injury should start with a relatively loose strength and gradually work their way up. If I want to balance out imbalances, a theraband or rsistance band can help find them. This can often be seen from the fact that one side of the body cannot pull as hard or gets tired more quickly. Once this is detected, the Theraband or the Resistance Band can be used to train against it.

To now support me in the exercises with Theraband or Restance Band, such a fitness rubber band can facilitate the exercise by pulling its concentric direction. For example, I can reduce my own body weight by pulling the Theraband or Resistance Band, which can allow me to finally do a complete pull-up. Turner himself often uses Theraband and Resistance Band to train heavy exercises such as Crosshang, Hangwaage and Stützwaage. Depending on how much support I need, I need a light or a very strong tape.

Choosing the right fitness band

In our shop you will find a large selection of resistance bands, minibands and thera bands. These range from 6kg train to 120kg. If you want to do weight training, at some point you should consider buying a rubber band. It's really a lot of fun and can help your training become more extensive and healthier.