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TOGU Gymnastic Ball "MyBall" - blue 75cm
Item #: 417604
TOGU Gymnastic Ball "MyBall" blue 75cm TOGU

TOGU Gymnastic Ball "MyBall" blue 75 cm blue 75cm

  • strengthening of deep muscles 
  • available in 3 sizes 
  • non-slip, durable surface
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Weight 1.45 kg

TOGU® Gymnastics ball "MyBall

The classic stability trainer!

A strengthened trunk musculature, the perfect posture and an optimal body awareness - with the gymnastic ball you achieve everything in one! A stable and flexible centre of the body is not only important for a safe and intensive fitness training, but also influences the overall quality of life. A positive body awareness and a good posture have an effect on your general well-being and charisma, and do not only lead to success during your workout.

The gymnastic ball strengthens and shapes the muscles of the entire body. Due to the permanent instability during training with the ball, the deep muscles in particular are activated and strengthened, which ultimately leads to a significant increase in trunk stability. You will be seen very soon the first successes! Different sizes allow an optimal choice of the gymnastic ball to suit your personal requirements. When choosing the diameter, they should be guided by their body size.

The following guide values have proved their worth:

  • With a height up to 1.68 m: ball diameter of 55 cm optimal (color: red).
  • With a height of 1.68 m - 1.78 m: ball diameter of 65 cm optimal (color: green).
  • With a height from 1.78 m: ball diameter of 75 cm optimal (color: blue).

Important: The knee joints should be bent at a 90° angle when sitting on the gymnastics ball.

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