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medicine ball

The medicine ball is the functional training device poorly suited. The weight of medicine balls can range from 1 kg to 15 kg and these are used in very dynamic workouts. Stabilisation exercises, coordination and strength training can be enriched with the medicine ball. We distinguish between soft balls and standard medicine balls. The former are, as the name suggests, much softer, but also larger in diameter.

Stabilization and coordination exercises with the medicine ball can be varied extensively. For example, to improve the stability of the knee and ankle joint, the athlete can try to catch medicine balls thrown at one leg. This exercise can then be made more difficult by placing an Airex Pad under your feet.

Coordination can be improved by the varying throwing and catching of the medicine balls. You can then increase it, in the form of more complex movements and heavier medicine balls. The heavier these are, the more power-intensive this will be. This creates the possibility that strength training can be designed absolutely dynamically.

Which ball do I need?

Which balls are needed for the training depends on the objectives of the training. Gymnastic ball exercises are especially interesting for people who want to train trunk stability or try to compensate for larger deficits. It's not without reason that the Powerball is often used in rehab.

If I'm a person who tends toward strength training or even cardio, medicine ball can do both. Depending on the exercises, the training can be incredibly exhausting for the muscles and endurance of these. Furthermore, as already mentioned, the medicine ball can be used for the stabilization training of the joints.

Both the Powerball and the medicine ball in normal or soft toss version can be purchased in our shop. In order to pump up the gymnastics ball, an extra pump can be used, which of course can also be ordered from us.

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