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softX® therapy gyroscope
Item #: 6520158
softX® therapy gyroscope  Airex Gaugler+Lutz

softX® Therapy Spinning Top Balance Trainer

  • Increase of balance, musculature and coordination
  • Optimal for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
  • Non-slip underside
  • Strengthening of foot and leg muscles
Delivery time
1-3 workdays
Weight 0.52 kg
37,00 €
29,60 €

Demanding balance training with the therapy spinning top

The SoftX® therapy spinning top is the training tool for improving coordination, stability and balance. It can be used in a wide variety of areas and sports, whether functional and balance training, physiotherapy, prevention or in school and club sports. The therapy gyroscope made of special PE foam has a non-slip tread surface and offers optimum tilting properties and dimensional stability during application. The integration of the gyro into the training provides additional instability during the individual exercises (e.g. knee bends or throwing balls). This strengthens the foot and leg muscles in particular and at the same time provides long-term training in motor skills, stability and coordination.

product details

  • Dimensions: ø 37,5 cm, height 9,0 cm
  • Material: PE
  • Load capacity: Max. 100 kg
  • Color: Blue
  • Easy to clean
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