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Banana Steps - 15 cm high
Item #: 9525P
Banana Steps 15 cm high Perform Better USA

Banana Steps 15 cm high 15 cm high

  • mini hurdles to improve athletics, strength, and speed
  • available in different heights
  • makes a varied training program possible
Delivery time
1-3 workdays
Weight 0.35 kg

banana steps

Versatile mini hurdles - jumping, running or jumping

Robust mini hurdles for varied running, jumping and sprint training, optional extender for height increase and even more training variety.

  • Create a parkour to train dodging obstacles and improve overall athletics, strength and strength.
  • 45 cm and 60 cm high hurdles allow plyometric exercises for advanced students.
  • With the Banana Step Extender, the height can be increased by about 15 cm.
  • Adjust your height differently for speed and strength training and sideways exercises.

product details

  • Material: PVC
  • available in 4 heights
  • Color: green
  • Portable and lightweight (the 15 cm and 30 cm hurdles weigh less than 500 g, the 45 cm and 60 cm hurdles weigh less than 1.4 kg).

Save on a set: Consisting of two 15 cm hurdles, two 30 cm hurdles and two 45 cm hurdles and two step extenders

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