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You want to be the top coach?

We don't offer you one, not two, but three well-known training institutes. Whether functional training, athletic training, fitness training, personal training, nutrition coaching, prevention and rehabilitation - we offer you the highest standard in education and training.

Each of the three institutes has its own focus, years of experience, national and international top experts and all have a mission:

Accompany you on your way to the elite trainer.


The latest topics based on current specialist literature are the hobbyhorse of the PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE. With well-known top experts, you will always find the topics that are at the pulse of time - or even ahead of it...

Neuroathletics, for example, is the most explosive topic in the coaching scene. The FMS is a basic tool for every trainer and with the Certified Athletics Trainer every athlete gets better.

The PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE helps you to perfect your trainer competence and become an expert yourself. With ambition, performance and quality we help you to climb to the next level of expert leadership.

Sports Academy

Since 2009 the Sportlerei Akademie stands for state-approved training. The classic fitness trainer B-license is your introduction and turns your hobby into your profession. The specialized Athletics Football A license is unique in D-A-CH and the Personal Training B and A licenses have been helping coaches for years to finally start their own businesses.

Sports Academy - Make yourself better!


For almost 10 years, PERFORM SPORTS has impressively combined the topics of functional training and health. §20 concepts for prevention courses (subsidisable by health insurance companies) give you as a trainer the opportunity to become THE contact in the growing health sector. In addition, PERFORM SPORTS offers one-day training courses on trend topics such as RESET Mobility, Small Group Training, Outdoor Training and functional EMS Training.

PERFORM SPORTS - Become a functional expert!


The TOP trainings 2019

These are the most sought-after training courses and seminars in 2019. The three institutes are specialised in their subareas and here you will find the most advanced seminars.

All other (more than 60) offers can be found on the respective websites of the institutes.

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With over 70 offers, all doors are open to you at our three training institutes. We want to accompany you on your way as a trainer in the best possible way. This means that you will find exactly the seminar or training that suits you.

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What is the European Performance Institute?

With our in-house European Performance Institute (EUPIX) we offer you the opportunity to get to know all facets of the training, to further your education and to make me an elite.

To this end, we have gathered three strong training academies with many years of experience under one roof.

The Perform Better Performance Institute stands for the latest developments in functional training. Always on the pulse of time with international experts. The Performance Institute offers you the highest quality and gives you the chance to dive deep into the matter of Functional Training. Exclusive events and new training methods find their place here and you will be the first to benefit from them. Last done with the topic Neuro Athletic Training.

The Perform Better Performance Institute is often ahead of its time, so you can build on your expertise as a trainer with the latest research literature and the experience of renowned instructors.

For years PERFORM SPORTS has been offering the possibility to combine functional training with health prevention. §20 courses, which can be subsidized for your participants by the health insurance companies, are an integral part of the philosophy here.

At PERFORM SPORTS you will find everything related to functional training in a health context. The many approaches in this area make you a sought-after expert, because the topic of prevention will become a huge market due to demographic developments.

In practical one-day advanced training courses you can become a practice-oriented and well-founded health expert who has a firm position both in the world of training and in the world of BGM/BGF.

For 10 years, the Sportlerei Akademie has fulfilled the task of offering Germany's coaches sound and long-term training. A fitness trainer training is for many trainers the first building block of their own career. Functional trainers also benefit enormously from a fitness trainer training because it teaches the basics of every training process.

Each trainer license at the Sportlerei Akademie concludes with an internationally recognized trainer B or A license, which is based on the European EQF system and is approved by the highest German authority for distance learning, the ZFU.

Which trainer license and which seminars can you do at EUPIX?

All the beginning is often the classic fitness trainer training in the form of the fitness trainer B license. This will take several months and will also give you, as a career changer who wants to turn his hobby into a profession, all the important information and methods to help people safely and professionally achieve their goals.

The Sports Academy has its strengths especially in the basic area. But here you can go on with state-licensed trainer licenses. There are further licenses, such as the Athletics Trainer A license, the Functional Training A license or the highly specialized Athletics Football A license.

Also the topic nutrition does not lack with the Sportlerei academy. So there is the Nutrition Coach B license and the very advanced Nutrition Coach A license.

You can round everything off with a personal trainer training. In the Personal Training B- or A-License you will get to know business processes for the foundation of your existence, you will learn how to mentally care for people and what is really important in 1:1 training for sustainable success.

PERFORM SPORTS also offers you the opportunity to educate yourself in many facets with practical one-day advanced training. Fascia training for groups, a kettlebell training especially for working in groups, functional training for footballers or handball players, the well-known RESET Mobility training concept by Benni Heizmann, all training courses on TRX (basic, advanced, yoga...), HIIT concepts, animal moves, EMS training (because 20 minutes a week is not enough...) or functional training especially for women...

PERFORM SPORTS has set itself the task of continuously setting new accents with practice-oriented advanced training in numerous areas.

But the core of PERFORM SPORTS are the §20 concepts. These are courses that you can offer to promote health in group trainings or in companies. The participants can be strongly subsidized by their health insurance. Too many coaches have not realized that this field will be the future.

A society that is getting older and older and in which health is becoming more and more important needs and seeks qualified trainers.

That's exactly what you can be when you expand your knowledge at PERFORM SPORTS.

The Perform Better Performance Institute gives you the opportunity to put the latest developments and advanced topics on your solid foundation. The FMS training is a must for all serious personal trainers and is becoming more and more a selection criterion for many customers.

The Performance Institute also provides space for in-depth topics and interface areas of training and therapy. The two consecutive courses SFMA 1 and SFMA 2 (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) are a valuable opportunity for all experienced trainers and therapists to give their patients and clients a pain-free life.

The current trend topic Neuro Athletic Training has been brought to Germany by the Perform Better Performance Institute and represents the top of coaching teaching.

The interface between functional training, professional sport and therapy is large at the Performance Institute. This is reflected in the high-quality seminars such as Stick Mobility, Neurokinethic Therapy, Myofascial Assessments & Treatments or the extensive seminar series "CAT - Certified Athletic Trainer".

For the first time in the German-speaking world, EUPIX offers you the opportunity to find a quality standard in any field of education. The three academies combine their strengths so that you can always find the right solution in your development as a trainer.

So find the right seminar for you right now and start your training at EUPIX.