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Perform Better Podcast
Perform Better Europe provides all sports and functional training enthusiasts with high quality audio and video content on a wide range of sports and health topics!

52 - "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" - Marc Lebert, Part 2
The second part of the podcast with Marc Lebert is about how he sees the development in the fitness industry and gives tips for future and already practicing trainers for training, further education and further education!
51 -"seeing people sweat is rewarding" - Marc Lebert
Marc Lebert, inventor and developer of the popular Lebert Equalizer, talks to Rouven Bürgel in the first part of the podcast about his career as a personal trainer and how the idea and implementation of the equalizer came about.
#50 - Motivation is not by accident - Martin Rooney
Martin Rooney is the founder of Training For Warriors. An internationally recognized trainer, speaker, author and pioneer of Strength and Conditioning.
49 -"I was not a gifted athlete" - Josh Henkin
The certified Strength & Conditioning Coach Josh Henkin has been working in the fitness industry for 20 years. In the early 2000s, Josh began writing articles on new methods of functional and performance training.
48 -"Breathe, motherf#####" - Wim Hof
Wim Hof, a.k.a. "the ice man". Does this man need another performance? Record holder for the longest ice bath: 1std, 52min, 42sek. Marathon at -20 degrees Celsius, only dressed in shoes and shorts.
47 -"Walk the talk" - Steven Graves, Part 2
In the second part of the podcast episode Steven Graves and Rouven Bürgel talk about movement in the broadest sense.
46 - "Asking why is most important" - Steven Graves, Part 1
Steve has been working as a therapist for over 8 years and has been working as a trainer for 7 years. During his work in a clinic for alcohol and tablet addiction he had the opportunity to combine psychotherapy and exercise training.
45 -"I feel safe in the cage" - Peter Sobotta
How to train your mindset for an MMA fight? What are the dangers of this extreme martial art? How do you prepare for fights and opponents and what points do you have to pay attention to?
#44 - "I am my own head coach - Peter Sobotta
UFC fighters. Born in Poland. Grew up in Germany. Fight under the Jamaican flag. Can gain twelve kilos within 24 hours...The list of unusual facts could be continued at will. We're talking about Peter Sobotta!
43 - "The devil is in the detail" - Hannes Thies
In the second part of the podcast on facility design, Hannes Thies talks about the various possibilities of designing an area for functional training: from small PT studios to physiotherapy practices to complete FT studios.
42 - "We are much more than a supplier of equipment" - Hannes Thies
Hannes Thies and his team are responsible for the conception and design of functional training areas and performance centers at Perform Better Europe. What should you pay attention to when you decide to open a gym?
41 - "The Lion Cave was an interesting experience" - Martin Kammler
Martin Kammler reports in the second part of the podcast how it was to present his product "Slashpipe" at the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen".
40 - "Donald Trump bought a painting of mine" - Martin Kammler
Martin Kammler's biography is one of the not quite everyday ones in the industry: After five years in rehab, the certified sports teacher broke up all tents in Germany in 2001 and emigrated to New York City.
#39 - "Being strong is the basic prerequisite for all sports!" - Dr. Chris Holder
In the second part of the podcast episode Dr. Chris Holder explains why he prefers to work with young or college athletes and not with professionals and how important the personal relationship with his athletes is to him.
#38 -"Qui Gong helps our athletes!" - Dr. Chris Holder
Dr. Chris Holder has worked as a coach in US college sports for over 20 years and coaches over 22 sports in the area of "Strength & Conditioning", with a focus - as a former player - on American football.
37 - "Man Needs Firm Decisions and Clear Rules" - Hanjo Fritzsche, Part 2
"What do I eat to regenerate optimally?" In the second part of the conversation with Rouven Bürgel Hanjo Fritzsche gives us valuable nutritional tips for the recovery phase of our body.
#36 - "Broccoli vs. Ben and Jerry's - Willpower is finite" - Hanjo Fritzsche, Part 1
What are the tricks of the food industry with regard to sugar? Hanjo Fritzsche, self-employed health consultant, informs us in conversation with Rouven Bürgel.
35 - "Personal trainers are not the match ball of clients" - Eginhard Kiess, Part 2
In the second part of the podcast, Eginhard Kiess talks about the importance of binding customer contracts, the best (and simplest) marketing tools of a personal trainer and the trainer's responsibility towards a customer.
#34 - "Everyone should keep a household book!" - Eginhard Kieß
Eginhard Kiess has been a personal trainer since 1997 and is one of the founders of the "Bundesverband Personal Training e.V.". Meanwhile, one of the focal points of Eginhard's work is personality development.
33 - "People are addicted to mobile phones" - Johannes Kwella
In the second part of the podcast, Johannes Kwella talks about people's mobile addiction and other influences on health.
32 - "Cryo chambers are not the Holy Grail" - Johannes Kwella, Part 1
Johannes Kwella is a convinced barefoot runner and crossfit athlete. Apart from that, the likeable young father is engaged in cold training and meditation.
31 - "From the barbell to the knees" - Björn Schinke, part 2
In the second part of the podcast episode with the topic "Olympic Weightlifting" Björn Schinke talks about the most important facts and key positions for the demanding training.
30 - "Crossfit makes Olympic weightlifting more popular" - Björn Schinke
Björn Schinke is a graduate sports scientist and personal trainer. For more than 10 years he rode as a competitive sport and was active in the first Bundesliga.
29 - Basics for targeted fascial training - Dr. Robert Scheip
In this webcast, fascia expert Dr. Robert Schleip will introduce you to the basics of targeted fascia training in fitness and sports.
28 - You have to find the right measure of human closeness and professional distance! - Kathi Fründt
Kathi Fründt is one of the "dinosaurs" of the German fitness and personal training industry. Since 1997 Kathi has been working with people and helping them to achieve their sporting goals.
27 - Sari Rogge - "Customers must reach their goals as efficiently as possible!"
The former ballet dancer Sari Rogge made it her business early on to convey to other people the joy of movement and the awareness for their own body.
26 - "Everything for the Gym" - Andreas Pürzel
Andreas Pürzel has been training since the age of 14 and, according to his own statement, has been in the gym every day since then! He is one of the two well-known "Pürzel Brothers", co-founder of Intelligent Strength and owner of "Das Gym" in Vienna.
25 - "Arnold Schwarzenegger was the main reason for me to train" - Andreas Pürzel
Andreas Pürzel has been training since the age of 14 and, according to his own statement, has been in the gym every day since then! He is one of the two well-known "Pürzel Brothers", co-founder of Intelligent Strength and owner of "Das Gym" in Vienna.
24 - Nature has created us so that everything can develop optimally - Panos Pantas
In the second part of the podcast, Panos Pantas talks to Rouven Bürgel about ontogenesis and the influence on movement quality and sports-specific movement optimisations.
#23 - "Have we suddenly all become athletes?" - Panos Pantas
Panos Pantas holds a PhD in biochemistry and has been working as a personal trainer in Europe, Asia and the Middle East for over 20 years. How do you "receive" a new customer and which assessment do you use?
#22 - "Outdoor training in winter brings Rocky feeling!" - Nils Barkhoff, Part 2
In the second part of the podcast episode with Nils Barkhoff he talks about the training content of a session of the original bootcamp, why the main focus is often on the so-called rear chain.
21- "We focus on the team" - Nils Barkhoff
Nils Barkhoff talks about his organisation"Original Bootcamp", which is now one of the most successful fitness boot camps in Germany in over 40 cities and 300 locations.
"Show me what I'm doing wrong and I'll always be grateful to you!" - David Weck
David Weck is the inventor of the well-known BOSU Balance Trainer and the so-called Weck Method. He has been working with people of all fitness levels for over 22 years, the majority of his clients are now professional athletes.
#17 -"You should put people in a position to succeed!" - Jim Ferris
Jim Ferris is one of the best-known Strength & Conditioning coaches in US professional basketball. In the current episode Jim talks about training with professional basketball players whose bodies are their capital, selfies in the gym and gives tips f
16 - "If you're in a good mood yourself, you'll achieve a better performance level" - Dennis Krämer
Dennis Krämer, renowned fascia expert and physiotherapist, talks about the status quo of fascia research, how patients and customers can be relieved of the fear of injury and much more.
#15 -"I don't want to be like the normal guy!" - Steve Maxwell
Steve Maxwell is one of the 100 best coaches in the USA. Find out in the latest podcast episode how he keeps fit despite his advanced age, how he eats and what his opinion on the various trends in the fitness market is.
"The looking down dog is the best yoga exercise for me!"
Katharina Brinkmann is a personal trainer, sports therapist, yoga teacher and now a successful author of three books. Today's podcast episode deals with fascia yoga and fascia in general, posture improvement, etc.
13 - "25%-30% of the population cannot switch off properly" - Dr. Lutz Graumann
Performance and self-optimization are the most important areas in the work of Dr. Lutz Graumann. In today's podcast episode the sports physician talks about sleep, heart rate variability & stress. How can you control these things?
#12 - "There are no bad students, there are only bad coaches" - Greg Rose
"There are no bad students - there are only bad coaches" - in today's podcast Greg Rose talks to Maximilian Gotzler about the misconduct of coaches, especially young athletes. Passion cannot be forced!
11 - "90 percent of the time we eat 12 to 17 foods" - Wolfgang Unsöld
Wolfgang Unsöld, one of the most famous Strength Coaches from Germany, talks in today's podcast episode about his specialty, the knee bend. He also gives nutritional tips and explains why food rotation is important.
#10 - "I embody my body" - Jill Miller
In a very emotional podcast episode this time Jill Miller talks about her difficult past as a child, in which she could defeat anorexia through yoga and thereby found her vocation. She lives the motto "I embody my body".
#9 - "I have the same fears as everyone else" - Sebastian Steudtner
Sebastian Steudtner, the most successful European Big Wave surfer, talks about the necessary fitness of a professional surfer, the subject of fear, his worst traumatic experience and exact preparation for the highest waves of the world.
#8 - "No smartphones in the bedroom" -  Kelly Starrett
In this episode Dr. Kelly Starrett talks about the status quo of the German fitness scene, his preparations for long journeys, how he gets along in foreign hotel beds and his love of ice baths.
#7 - "Competitive sport is not promoted enough in Germany" -  Nira Mählmann
Nira Mählmann is a dentist and a passionate athlete. Nira is now also a successful bodybuilder and bikini fitness competitor.
6 - "Movement is the source of our vitality" -  Eberhard Schlömmer
Eberhard Schlömmer is a graduate sports scientist and official trainer for the Functional Movement Screen® (FMS). For over 12 years he has been working in the training and further education of trainers, physiotherapists and physicians.
#5 - "Think about what your sport requires of you" - Prof. Dr. Stuart McGill
Prof. Dr. Stuart McGill is probably the most sought-after back expert in high-performance sports and treats numerous athletes from various sports.
#4 - "Let's give people better information, let them make better decisions" - Kelly Starrett
CrossFit legend and author Dr. Kelly Starrett talks in an interview about the importance of mobility exercises, his motivation, his attitude to CrossFit and the success of his work as a book author.
#3 - "Perfection is not an end state but a process" - Nick Winkelman
Nick Winkelman, Head of Athletic Performance & Science at the Irish Rugby Football Union, talks in this episode about the so-called "Four P's" that he pays attention to when developing for athletes: Position, pattern, power, psychology. In this coope
#2 - "Don't be a slave to your genes" - Steve Maxwell
Steve Maxwell talks among other things about the importance of body types for different sports, the best breathing technique and genes.
#1 - "It's not about changing, we want to upgrade" - Mark Verstegen
Our friend and partner Maximilian Gotzler from FLOWGRADE ( talked to EXOS founder Mark Verstegen during the Functional Training Summit 2016.