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Functional Training

"Movements that merely claim one single muscle in an isolated way are to be called dysfunctional. Functional forms of movement always integrate several muscles and muscle groups simultaneously." (Gambetta und Gray 2002: Michael Boyle: Functional Training. S. 11). 

Functional Training

Funktionelles Training mit Schlingen

Functional Training means that several muscles or muscle groups are trained by one movement simultaneously. In contrast to this, exercises of traditional strength training mainly take place at devices and train muscles or muscle groups in an isolated way.

As human movements in the everyday life of sports are almost never confined to only one joint/muscle, it is appropriate to not only directly address one particular muscle group but to train whole muscle chains of a large number of muscles as a whole. This, for instance, is exactly where the considerations of the U.S. physiotherapist Gary Gray start. 

Gary Gray and Functional Training

Gary Gray formed a fresh approach which considers the functionings of the muscles during movement executions. This is how functional training has emerged in the form we know it today. Even during core training as essential component of functional training, power is only effectively transferred to the extremities and thus the whole activated muscle chain by strong core muscles.

Origin and Objective

Originally, functional training was applied rehabilitate patients. Functional training became famous in Germany particularly by the cooperation of Jürgen Klinsmann and the U.S. fitness trainer Mark Verstegen. During the preparation phase for the world championship 2006, the new training methods could be detected first. Today, at the latest after the German win of the world championship 2014, the result speaks for itself. Functional training can be used in competitive sports to prevent injuries, too. Specific strength and balance are developed that are necessary to be protected from injuries preferably well in extreme load situations. In the last years, functional training has also clearly gained in importance in the fitness industry. Even in popular and leisure sports, diverse training approaches can be increasingly identified.


      • Performance Preservation
      • Performance Recovery
      • Increase of Torso Power
      • Improvement of Balance
      • Flexibility
      • Stabilization in general as well as of Joints
      • Coordination and Economization of Movements

      Effects of Functional Training

      Funktional Training (Functional Training) optimizes your performance in strength, speed, endurance, coordination, and flexibility. Free, three-dimensional training perfectly prepares your body for different demands of movements and prevents sports and everyday injuries.

      Training Equipment for Functional Training

      Funktionelles Training mit Kettlebells

      Performance Institute - Education for Functional Training

      Functional Training Summit - The Event for Functional Training 

      You can get details about our certifications and experience and get to know national and international top experts such as Mark Verstegen, Michael Boyle, Martin Rooney, Todd Durkin, Marc Lauren, Marc Lebert, Eberhard Schlömmer, or Chris Bell live at this sports event.

      Further Fairs with Perform Better Europe

      We additionally offer courses in functional fitness and fascia training at events like the FIBO (Fitness und Bodybuilding Messe) or the IFAA (Internationale Fitness Aerobic Akademie). 



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