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Fitness Stick

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Fitness Stick  Pat the Stick/ RPI Atlanta
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The revolutionary medical Fitness Stick – for a perfect wake-up call to the muscles and for effective cool-down.

The Fitness Stick is a revolutionary medical apparatus to prepare the muscle optimally for maximal contraction, prevent muscle aches, or simply massage pain away. Simultaneously, it improves flexibility and blood circulation of involved muscle loops and reduces the risk of injury. When used after training, it accelerates the regeneration time of the muscles and prevents sore muscles.

There are non-slip handles at the ends of the stick, which enable a secure and firm hold. Between them, the stick has mobile links, which are rolled over the muscles. It can be used against fatigue symptoms while training. It also prevents chronic injuries.


Travel Stick with 8 rolls (43 cm)

Original Stick with 15 rolls (61 cm)

Stiff Stick with 12 rolls, is less rigid for a deep muscle massage (58 cm)

Hybrid Stick (58cm), with extra trigger-ring in the center

Select the Fitness Stick that is suitable for your muscles!

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