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TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) is considered a brand of the highest quality with a repertoire of devices developed with care. TRX training consists exclusively of functional training and has its origins in the military, where Navy Seals needed a training device that was easy to transport and versatile. Because of this problem the TRX Suspension Trainer was developed.

The TRX Suspension Trainer

When Suspension Trainer is spoken of, it means the TRX sling trainer, which has proven to be the ideal training tool for bodyweight training. The TRX strap consists of a strap to which two handles are attached at the ends of which. There are also loops for the feet. The TRX strap can be hung almost anywhere, whether on rods, hooks or steel girders. This makes TRX training at home, outdoors or in the studio possible at any time.

The history of Total Resistance Exercise

Training with the TRX Band

The training made possible by TRX equipment is exclusively functional. Especially the TRX Suspension Trainer is suitable for every performance level and for many types of training. There's an unbelievably huge number of TRX exercises where everyone finds what they're looking for. Whether stability training, focusing on a muscle group, mobility or core training, the TRX Band can be used to train any body component as you wish through bodyweight training.

Thanks to these great training possibilities, training with the TRX Band is often used for all phases of training. Warm-up, actual training and cool-down. Only the exercise for the requirement must be performed.

Who is the TRX training suitable for?

As there are a lot of TRX exercises, TRX Training is suitable, apart from anyone who wants to bring dynamics into his training, especially for those who want to start again with the functional training, because there are many easy exercises where you can increase. Furthermore, TRX training is recommended for anyone who has problems with their core stability or has to increase it due to the sport. TRX exercises require the trainee to always use his trunk muscles, even if this is not the focus of the exercise. Training with the TRX Band requires a certain basic stability. If this is not available, it will be built up and significantly improved by the TRX training.

Supplementary equipment for TRX

A TRX Band is the first big step towards functional training. Although the TRX sling trainer is an almost perfect training device in itself, various additional equipment can extend and improve the training. At all times when the footstraps are used, it is advisable to place a yoga mat under your feet to avoid minor injuries. In addition, from a higher level, weights in the form of smaller dumbbells or weight vests can raise the intensity to a new level.

As already mentioned, there are so many TRX exercises in abundance that you give away great potential without knowing about them and their execution. Therefore, one should consider expanding one's knowledge about it with the appropriate reading. The book is the ultimate sling training, which we recommend to everyone who wants to start TRX training with guaranteed success. You can buy the above mentioned equipment and much more in our shop.