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The TOGU brand is dedicated to the production of professional training equipment. TOGU's product repertoire ranges from balls in the form of redondo and gymnastic balls to TOGU jumpers. In order to guarantee the highest quality, all products offered by TOGU are exclusively MADE IN GERMANY and are developed locally. Products like the TOGU Jumper or the TOGU Gymnastics Ball are designed to optimize stability and are very well suited for functional training. With its products, TOGU has revolutionized balance and stability training. TOGU products are therefore very popular in the therapeutic as well as in the athletic field. They help cure old injuries and prevent further injuries.

The TOGU Jumper

The TOGU Jumper

The TOGU Jumper is a very popular training device in therapy and athletic training to train on the one hand the stability of joints and on the other hand the stability of the trunk.

The exercises on the TOGU Jumper range from push-ups to squads, sit-ups and bridges. If you want to balance your imbalances and improve your stability, you should definitely make friends with the TOGU Jumper.

The TOGU Jumper is manufactured from materials that have non-slip properties. In addition, Dynair technology was used to create a surprisingly good pressure distribution, which absolutely optimizes the training for the ankle joint.

The TOGU Gymnastics Ball

A TOGU Ball can be purchased in different versions. There's the TOGU Powerball ABS and the TOGU Myball. The TOGU Gymnastics Ball Myball is available in different sizes and colors: 55cm, 65cm and 75cm diameter. One has found the optimal size when the knees can be bent in about 90 degrees, sitting straight on the ball.

The TOGU Powerball is only available in the 65cm version, but it is characterized by the fact that it can withstand a higher load safely.

Similar to the TOGU Jumper, the TOGU Gymnastics Ball trains the stability of the athlete. The focus here is less on the joints and more on the general core stability and body tension. Exercises like bridges become very challenging with a TOGU gym ball.

A TOGU ball in the form of a gym ball is a basic equipment for any studio. Whether big or small. For a private person, a TOGU ball can also be very practical as it can be used not only as a gymnastic ball but also as a sitting ball.

TOGU Actiball

The TOGU Actiball is an air-filled massage ball used for self-massage. Like many other TOGU Foam Rollers, the Actiball is relatively soft and the treatment is very pleasant. The ball bounces slightly and is so small that it can be taken anywhere.

The TOGU Actiball is available in different sizes: 6cm, 8cm and 12cm.

TOGU Products

If problems with the stability of joints or the core are the athlete's problems, it is always advisable to use TOGU products such as the TOGU Jumper or the TOGU Ball. Many therapy centres and physiotherapists are equipped with TOGU equipment to restore the functionality of joints after injuries, even in rehabilitation.