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TMX Markenshop TMX

TMX is a young and highly ambitious start-up company. The founders Thomas Marx and Tino Engelmann complement each other perfectly in their expertise. Thomas is the owner of a joint practice for physiotherapy and osteopathy and works closely with the German Sports University. Tino Engelmann is the expert in the field of marketing and digital and knows the market of fasciae tools inside out. TMX already has a large network of experts and partners who are active in professional and popular sports.

The history of TMX

What is TMX?

"Trigger yourself" is the company's motto. Fascia treatment with the TMX Trigger helps prevent muscular tension and relieve acute pain. The handy products are the perfect physiotherapeutic companion that you can use anywhere (sports, office, home, on the road) and at any time. The TMX exercises have been developed by experts on medical-therapeutic bases and are easy to perform.

How TMX Trigger products work

Our tissue suffers due to incorrect posture, movement restrictions and fascial adhesions. With the TMX you promote the blood circulation at so-called "trigger points", so that oxygen-rich blood reaches the cell faster and oxygen-poor blood is transported away faster. This process has a positive effect on the regeneration time. Based on theTMX basic principles of prevention, activation and rehabilitation, you can achieve the following with TMX fascia training:

  • Increased well-being through targeted loosening of manifested tension fields

- Increased muscular performance

- Improvement of body awareness and posture

  • Faster regenerative process after sports units
  • Prevention of muscle fibre tears and myofascial adhesions
  • stimulation of the metabolic processes within the muscles

TMX Products

Through targeted acupressure, the TMX models (TMX Original& TMX Original Plus) locally improve metabolism and blood circulation. The 2 and 3 cm balls on the pyramid replace the thumb of the physiotherapist and loosen hardenings. Both models are small, lightweight and handy and can be taken anywhere.

The correct application of TMX products

With the TMX Original products you can easily trigger yourself. To do this, lie with the aching spot directly on the TMX. You can use the floor, wall and back of the chair as a counterpressure. The long-lasting pressure relaxes your tissue and makes it feel loose and supple again.

Both the TMX-Trigger Original and the TMX Original Plus can be used on numerous parts of the body. Examples of this are:

  • calf hardenings

- Thigh tensions and adhesions

  • buttock pain

- Tension in the neck and shoulder area

  • lumbar spine

- sole & heel

With the right application you will get a painless muscle


  • Locate your trigger point.

- Position the aching spot directly on the TMX and determine the pressure intensity with your body weight.

- Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply and try to relax despite the pain.

  • Hold the position for 30-60 seconds


- Now start mobilizing while still leaving the TMX trigger at the affected location.


- After triggering, stretch the corresponding part of the body.

When to use the TMX?


(here you can do the fascia training with the TMX without any problems)


(for these complaints you should refrain from treatment with the TMX)

  • headaches

- Muscular pain images

  • cramps

- Tensions of all kinds

- Muscular hard instep

  • indigestions

- Inflammatory processes

  • transplants
  • cancer
  • pregnancy
  • epilepsy

- Open wounds