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softX® Markenshop softX

The softX brand is a private label of Gaugler & Lutz and includes a large number of functional training equipment ranging from balance and coordination training to fascia tools and Pilates. softX is known above all for its fascia balls for self massage, balance pads and therapy spinning tops. These products are of great use in rehabilitation as well as in athletic training and in the optimization of coordination.

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How softX complements the training

SoftX does not sell any equipment for raw weight training. Much more does softX focus on fascia training and body control. Especially the devices for coordination training like the softX therapy gyro or the softX coordination rocker are perfect for functional, balance training, physiotherapy and prevention training. In addition, core training can be optimized with an unstable surface to train the stability of the torso.

The softX balance trainer, in the form of the coordination rocker, is combinable with the Airex Balance Pad. If you've been training with the Airex Balance Pad for a long time, you'll face new challenges with this combination.

Furthermore we have in our offer the softX fascia ball made of cork, which was developed especially for fascia training. It's ideal for warm-up at the beginning or cool-down after training.

Training with the softX weight trainer is recommended especially at the beginning of the workout, because at the end of the workout the tired muscles are no longer working optimally. A supplement to the training with the softX therapy spinning top, coordination rocker or the softX ball could look as follows:

1. warm-up

2. Coordination and balance exercises with softX weight trainer

3. General Training

4. Cool-Down with softX Ball

5. stretching

The risk of injury is reduced and the stability of the user is improved, so anyone can work preventively against foot twisting or knee pain.

softX in rehabilitation

In rehabilitation, products such as the softX therapy gyroscope and softX coordination rocker support the genesis of patients who want to re-train a loss of safety in equilibrium.

The softX spinning top is often used to improve coordination in the form of knee bends, throwing balls or similar exercises. It's also easy to resort to bodyweight training.

For stability in the knee and ankle joint, Airex Balance pads are often used, which can now be extended thanks to the softX coordination rocker. This gives the workout a new stimulus that forces the joints to adapt to even less stability.

SoftX Fascia Ball

The softX ball is made of 100% cork and is CO2 neutral. The advantage of using cork is not only that it is ecological, but also that it makes the softX ball more slip-resistant and durable. Because the softX Faszien Ball is much more durable, it is also very suitable for heavy people. When it comes to cork, SoftX has concentrated above all on the production of a ball, as it reaches much easier places that conventional fascia rolls cannot reach.

SoftX Products

The above softX products can be purchased cheaply from our shop. You also have the option of ordering the Airex Balance Pad directly from the coordination rocker.