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The Powerblock brand is dedicated to efficient and space-saving training with its dumbbell system. The Powerblock dumbbell is one of the highest quality dumbbells that can be bought on the market. From processing to effectiveness. Powerblock stands for high quality, underlined by the 15 year warranty. Thanks to the outstanding dumbbell system, which allows the weight of the dumbbell to be adjusted, there are many advantages that conventional dumbbells cannot compete with.

power block

The Powerblock Dumbbell

The Powerblock Sport Dumbbell is a dumbbell system that does not directly suggest its advantages from the outside. The dumbbell consists of a handle and several urethane plates stacked side by side. The urethane discs each have different colors to help keep them apart. With a pin on the side of the dumbbell, you can select the weight the dumbbell should carry. Only the weight selected remains anchored to the handle. The rest of you stay where the dumbbell is pulled out of them. This takes less than five seconds to adjust a new weight for the barbell. Ideal for saving time during training and not constantly changing weight plates or going back to the barbell rack.

Training with the Powerblock

The Powerblock Sport Dumbbell is used as a dumbbell to perform general and effective training with weights. During training, the weight can be changed in a matter of seconds. During training, the Powerblock dumbbell has no disadvantage over any other dumbbell. For classic dumbbell and strength training, the Powerblock dumbbell is ideal. Whether it's bicep curls, butterflys or lunges.

Cost-saving despite price

Although the Powerblock dumbbell has a proud price for a pair of dumbbells, relative to alternatives, it will still be the cheapest way. By the time the equipment is purchased on dumbbells or weight plates in order to have a similar weight variety, the price will have long since exceeded. If you compare the Powerblock dumbbell to 10 other conventional dumbbells or plates, you will quickly see that it is more space-, time- and money-saving to choose the Powerblock. There are no loose weights that have to be laboriously kept together, or vast amounts of different dumbbells that take up a lot of space.

Who is the Powerblock suitable for?

The Powerblock dumbbell is suitable for both public and home studios. Thanks to the high quality workmanship and warranty, there is no need to worry that the Powerblock dumbbell, as part of the studio equipment, will be prematurely broken by the customer. At home in the homegym, the Powerblock Stage 1 with its extensions up to Stage 3 is optimal because of the money the individual saves. In addition, the power block can be placed anywhere in a very space-saving way without appearing to be sparse.

Versions of the Powerblock

The Powerblock is available in several versions. The powerblock basic set starts at level 1 (powerblock sport stage 1), which is 22.5 kg. The Powerblock dumbbell can then be extended with Level 2 and Level 3 to a maximum of 41 kg.

In our shop you will find both the Powerblock Sport Stage 1 and its extensions, Stage 2 and Stage 3.

In addition, the Powerblock column stand can be used as a standard shelf to keep the Powerblock in place.