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PB Extreme

Perform Better USA has over 30 years of experience and know-how in the field of studio-quality product production. PB Extreme - also known as Perform Better Extreme - was founded as an in-house brand to give customers the opportunity to purchase studio-quality, high-quality products directly from a single source. Perform Better has set itself the goal of offering an unrivalled price/performance ratio for all PB Extreme products. In order to stand out from other Perform Better branded products and ensure a consistent look, all PB Extreme products have a uniform look, so to speak, and are labelled with the distinctive logo. The entire product line is designed to make it possible to equip an entire studio or functional training area with products from the Perform Better Extreme line.

The history of PB Extreme

Who are Perform Better Extreme products for?

PB Extreme does not distinguish! No matter if beginner, ambitious amateur sportsman, professional sportsman or studio owner or sports club: PB Extreme Jam Ball, PB Extreme Weight Vest, PB Extreme Barbell & Co. are accessible to everyone and Perform Better has chosen to deliver a perfect product to every athlete and every customer.

PB Extreme Half Rack - the flagship of Perform Better Extreme

Among many other high-quality products, the PB Extreme Half Rack often forms the basis of a studio design. For many years PB Extreme Half Racks have been found in power rooms and sports facilities in the USA. The Racks have many unique features that make them ideal for high school, college and professional clubs.

Each PB Extreme Half Rack comes complete with a 6-pillar weight bearing system that can accommodate Olympic weights, rubber bumper plates and chains. The inner pens can accommodate super bands and even weightbelts, so the rack also provides a storage space for equipment.

A PB Extreme Half Rack has numbered hook plates, making it easy to adjust the bar holders and safety point arms. Athletes and athletes no longer have to spend extra time aligning their pole holders or spotter arms when changing exercises. It is also easy to remove both the hook plates and the safety point arms from the frame to adjust them as they each have a safety interlock. These safety latches allow someone to simply push and pull to release them, rather than having to align something with a particular hole or rotate it at an unfavorable angle.

Additional features of each Perform Better Extreme Rack include a ribbed pull-up bar and a 4-pin tape attachment set. The pull-up bar has two internal parallel handles in different widths and two wide curved handles that fit the handle. The PB Extreme Half Rack's tape attachments are arranged in four different locations so that the resistance of the superbands is easily adjustable when superbands are used for bench presses, squats or additional resistance exercises.

Further products of the PB Extreme series

Beside the PB Extreme Half Rack there are many other products in the Perform Better Extreme series, here a few examples: