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KEISER® Markenshop Keiser

The company's success story began over 45 years ago when Dennis Keiser was commissioned to develop the first variable resistance machines for a leading manufacturer. A year later, he founded Commercial Design, a consulting engineering firm specializing in the design of training equipment. In 1976, brother Randy Keiser joined the company. One year later they founded the Keiser Corporation. A short time later, Dennis Keiser filed a patent application for the completely new concept of "variable resistance using compressed air" (pneumatics). Today, more than 80% of the world's professional sports teams train on Keiser equipment. Since the company was founded, Keiser has always been at the cutting edge of technology and constantly on the lookout for new innovations.

The development of Keiser® fitness equipment

The special feature of Keiser® fitness equipment

Keiser® Fitness GmbH is your partner for holistic solutions in the field of fitness, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and competitive sports. The company specialises in the manufacture of high quality pneumatic fitness equipment. The secret of success is "air instead of iron." The exercises on the pneumatic training equipment can be carried out at any speed and with a continuously adjustable resistance that can be changed during training. Air pressure is used instead of bulky iron weights. On the one hand, this prevents the risk of injury and the training can be adjusted to the individual characteristics and requirements of the respective athlete. The symbiosis of power and speed components ensures sustainable results and effective performance improvement.

Physiotherapy with the Keiser® devices

Keiser's physiotherapeutic devices offer patients the possibility of safe and effective rehabilitation, as each device can be adjusted by air resistance to an accuracy of 100g, allowing the exercises to be perfectly tailored to each individual and treatment progress. In addition, the Keiser devices are CE certified and meet the requirements of the European Union.

Keiser® competitive sports

In contrast to the classic sports equipment with metal weights, the resistance can be increased evenly, continuously and steplessly with the pneumatic technology of the Keiser equipment. This allows the individual strength adjustment and speed to the athlete. So high impact workouts that get the most out of you are possible. The risk of injury is significantly reduced due to the adjustment options and the muscles are not overstrained.

Keiser® Fitness

Strength training or cardio fitness? From now on, you won't have to make up your mind, because Keiser offers you both! The product range offers equipment that effectively improves both strength and endurance. For example, the M5 Crosstrainer and the M3 Indoor Cycling Bike work with magnetic resistance.

Fitness studio at home

You don't feel like going to the gym? Then set up your own private gym at home. The Keiser units require little maintenance, are very quiet and take up very little space. In addition to their functionality and efficiency, the devices have a modern look so that they cut a fine figure in any room.

Keiser® Indoor Cycling

If you think indoor cycling is outdated, you're on the wrong track! New developments in spinning bikes such as Watt power measurements and the integration of multimedia make it possible to bring more professionalism and higher demands to training.