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GUN-eX® Markenshop GUN-eX

The brand GUNex Training System is an expert in resistance ropes in the form of Battling Ropes. Your products are trying to get the most out of training with Battling Ropes. They have developed several products to achieve even greater benefits in training in addition to the classic use of battling ropes. This means that GUNex Training System products can be used so extensively that they offer an exceptionally wide range of possibilities to complement the training. So thanks to GUNex equipment, fitness is given a new variety.

Training with GUNex

The GUNex Cobra Rope

The GUNex Cobra Rope is the main product of the GUNex Training System brand, which is six meters long and up to 13 meters stretchable. It can be purchased in two different versions: GUNex Cobra Rope 300 or GUNex Cobra Rope 700. The length of the two ropes is identical, but the tensile force of the GUNex Cobra Rope 300 is approx. 30 kg and the GUNex Cobra Rope 700 approx. 70 kg. The cover of the GUNex Cobra Rope is made of parachute yarn and is absolutely abrasion resistant and robust. It is waterproof and can therefore also be installed outdoors.

Unlike standard battling ropes, the GUNex Cobra Rope requires more effort from the user to make the rope swing and keep his body stable. The whole body is stressed. In general, GUNex exercises are much more demanding.

In addition to its classic use as a battling rope, GUNex exercises can also include rotation, pull or compression exercises. The training is extremely useful for a variety of sports. Whether it's gyms, team sports or track-and-field athletes. Here GUNex can take fitness to a new level.

Extensions of the GUNex Cobra Rope

In order to extend the functions of the GUNex Training System, a GUNex Cobra Speed Kit can be added to extend exercises in sprint and jump exercises. The GUNex Cobra Rope is attached to the back with an upper body harness, which will then always pull the athlete back in the sprint. This combination of the GUNex Cobra Rope and Speed Kit is ideal for athletic training.

Further accessories and variations

As mentioned earlier, the GUNex Cobra Rope can also be used for pull or compression exercises. To optimize such training, there are the GUNex Wodden Bar. This wooden pole is attached to two GUNex Cobra Ropes so that the number of exercises can be increased.

Another variation of the GUNex Cobra Rope is the GUNex Mini Cobra Rope. This rope is designed for those who cannot do without 13 meters to take full advantage of the GUNex Cobra Rope. The GUNex Mini Cobra Rope is only 2.7 meters long and can be stretched to 8 meters, with a tensile strength of approximately 30 pounds.

It's possible to stow the entire Rope safely or transport it from A to B without a problem. That's why you might want to buy the GUNex Heavy Duty Carry Bag. The GUNex Heavy Duty Carry Bag, in addition to the protection, has the added comfort of allowing the Cobra Ropes and accessories to be easily transported. Thanks to straps, the GUNex Heavy Duty Carry Bag can be carried like a backpack on your back. Whether Cobra Rope or Mini Cobra Rope, there's room for both.

Training with the GUNex Training System

The GUNex Cobra Rope can be built into the training in many different ways. Whether it's HIIT, strength, endurance, circles or athletic training. A supplement to the GUNex Training System increases the person's strength and agility while strengthening their core holistically.

GUNex Products

The GUNex Cobra Rope, GUNex Mini Cobra Rope and all accessories can be purchased in our store. In order to purchase all GUNex equipment at a lower price, it makes sense to buy it in sets. If you need a Battling Rope with more than standard training, GUNex is the place for you and you won't be disappointed. In addition to any type of workout, the GUNex Cobra Rope is a real gain possible.