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FLEXVIT™ Markenshop Flexvit

In everyday sports and "normal" life, there are only a few movements that are linear and one-dimensional. This is exactly why FLEXVIT was developed. Functional FLEXVIT training takes into account the above-mentioned circumstances and is performed multidirectionally, multiplanar and in the three physical key movements - pressing, pulling, rotating). And that alternately or in combination

The development of Flexvit

Elastic training straps are not an innovation in training, they have been used since the 60s. In the course of time, the principle has been developed further. FLEXVIT is currently the highest quality and last stage of development.

Properties of FLEXVIT tapes:

  • Suitable for allergy sufferers (latex allergy) because it is made of woven rubber (textile rubber).
  • Washable (up to 60°C)
  • Perfect haptics
  • Tear-resistant and extremely robust
  • No rolling up on the skin during exercises


Often no large additional devices are necessary to carry out a high-quality training. FLEXVIT Training stands for exactly that. Away from so-called power machines and towards functional training for the whole body. In the past, the way away from one-dimensional training has become more and more popular and small devices such as medicine balls, sandbags, ropes and elastic bands can be found more and more often in fitness studios or in so-called home gyms at home.

Among the small devices mentioned above, the elastic tapes play an important special role. Training with FLEXVIT tapes is independent of gravity and the training resistance is created solely by the stretching of the respective FLEXVIT product. The FLEXVIT TRAINING is suitable for everyday use because it combines all everyday levels of movement.

By using small devices such as the FLEXVIT Mini, FLEXVIT Resist or FLEXVIT Multi, it is possible to increase the variety of exercises and successfully achieve your own training goals. With FLEXVIT Training it is also possible to adapt individual exercises to the respective performance level through regressions or progressions.

A complete FLEXVIT set or individual FLEXVIT tapes are much lighter than a medicine ball or a dumbbell and are therefore much easier to transport and use, regardless of location.

What can be trained with FLEXVIT?

  • FLEXVIT tapes are suitable for the following training goals:
  • Improving mobility
  • Improved stability
  • Improvement of coordination
  • Improvement of strength

Presentation of the individual FLEXVIT belts


Very strong and robust training strap, suitable for warm up and strength training. FLEXVIT Mini Bands are also perfectly suited for rehabilitation sports and physiotherapy. Due to the different resistance levels it is suitable for every fitness level:

  • Rehab yellow - very light
  • Core orange - light
  • Prehab red - moderate
  • Athletic green - Solid
  • Power blue - strong
  • Professional black - extra strong

2. FLEXVIT Multi

Suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. Can be used in the studio, at home or on the road. FLEXVIT Multi is suitable for targeted muscle building, for increasing endurance or for physiotherapeutic purposes. Almost unlimited choice of exercises, for example to support pull-up training. Available in different resistance strengths:

  • Health orange - light
  • Fitness green - medium
  • Power blue - strong

3. FLEXVIT Resist

Ideal training tool for sprint, jump and agility training. Comprehensive range of applications. FLEXVIT Resist can be used in a variety of ways for resistance training and is therefore an excellent and high-quality training tool in rehabilitation, technical and athletic training. The FLEXVIT Resist was made to the highest standards by professional athletes, physiotherapists and others. Available in different resistances:

  • Light grey - light
  • Blue - medium
  • Dark grey - strong
  • Black - extremely strong