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Dynamax® Markenshop Dynamax

The Dynamax brand has been around for over 30 years. In 1985, the two coaches Bruce Evans and Jim Cawley were looking for the perfect tool for fast and hard medical ball training. There was no suitable medical ball on the market, so a solution to the problem was developed. At the end of the development, the Dynamax medical ball was robust enough to withstand high training loads but at the same time with a soft surface so as not to cause injuries to the hands.

Dynamax medicine balls and Dynamax training have become firmly established in the fitness industry. Dynamax strength training makes it possible to train all important physical abilities - and this not only in the studio, but also outside and almost anywhere.

Dynamax products have been the product of choice for top athletes for many years and are used by over 90% of all professional teams in the USA. The Strength & Conditioning Coaches from the NFL, NBA and MLB have always relied on the quality and product features of Dynamax Atlas medical balls & co. and incorporate Dynamax exercises into training with the professionals.

The Dynamax medicine balls are also very popular in the crossfit area and are increasingly found in the so-called boxes. For the hard and demanding workout, the robust Dynamax exercises are ideal. Dynamax products are sold in over 20 countries worldwide.

Functional fitness and athletic training with Dynamax® medicine balls

The famous, large and soft Dynamax medicine balls are est established worldwide. The training plans of ambitious athletes, coaches, physios, college and professional teams would be inconceivable without Dynamax medicine balls and Dynamax training. The design and the high-quality workmanship give the Dynamax balls their robustness, consistent shape and balanced balance, even after repeated use. The uniqueness of Dynamax balls ensures that every medicine ball, regardless of weight, feels good, absorbs high impact forces and provides a varied and effective workout.

Properties of Dynamax medicine balls

  • 36cm diameter
  • Impact absorbing
  • moisture resistant
  • Pleasantly soft surface
  • Environmentally friendly, made from 70% recycled materials (durable vinyl and nylon coating)

The right choice of weight - how heavy should the Dynamax medicine ball be?

Weight is often equated with strength. This sometimes leads to the wrong tendency to think that "heavy is better". But the right key to Dynamax medical ball training is to choose the right weight. The weight of the Dynamax medical ball must be chosen so that both the speed of execution and the quality of the movements are at a high level.

The "light" Dynamax medicine balls with 4, 6 and 8 pounds are suitable for every athlete. Even if the weight is not high, you can increase the speed of the exercise with increasing strength, power and performance. Dynamax medicine balls and the associated Dynamax training with higher weight are suitable for Dynamax strength training, which requires slow and more powerful exercises.

How can I train with Dynamax medicine balls?

A few examples of Dynamax exercises

  • Breast pass (partner exercise):

The partner brings the Dynamax medicine ball into the outstretched arms of the other athlete. The ball is taken to the chest by taking a step back and leaning back a little. Now the athlete leans forward and starts a throwing action.

  • Isolated chest pass, sitting (partner exercise):

The partner stands with shoulder-wide feet and the sitting partner turns his legs outwards to "hang" the feet behind the partner. Now the seated athlete leans back and leads the Dynamax to the chest, then the medicine ball is thrown back explosively.

  • Underhand throw on the wall (single exercise):

The athlete begins with a view of a wall, the Dynamax medicine ball is located on the side at hip height. The movement is started by moving the hips backwards and bending the knees and ankles. A powerful movement stretches the hips, ankles and knees, and the Dynamax Ball is thrown against the wall in a one-sided underhand throw. The ball is caught and the exercise is performed on the other side of the body.