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The BOSU Balance Trainer is a stability trainer invented in 1999 by David Weck. It was originally used in medical training therapy. Today it is used in fitness and sports training of all kinds. Whether strength, cardio or yoga training in the USA, the BOSU has been a real hit for several years. Also with us the "hemisphere" has made it with our professional athletes and fitness studios into the basic equipment.

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About the BOSU® brand

The BOSU Balance Trainer consists of an inflatable rubber hemisphere with a curvature height of 25cm and a stable platform with a diameter of 62cm. The name BOSU is an acronym that stands for "Both Sides Utilized" and indicates the possibility of reciprocal use.

How is the BOSU ® stability trainer used?

The BOSU Balance Trainer is used successfully in both sports and therapy. Whether stability training, balance training, balance exercises, core stability workouts - the BOSU Trainer is one of the most versatile training devices in the field of functional training. It's a multifunctional training tool for all fitness levels and ages.

BOSU® Balance Trainer Pro

The BOSU Balance Trainer Pro is the classic stability trainer. With a diameter of 65cm, it's bigger than the sports version. It has recessed handles on the underside for easy transport. It has a load capacity of up to 150kg and, like all Balance Trainers, can be used from both sides.

BOSU® Balance Trainer Sport

The BOSU Balance Trainer Sport is the optimal training tool for personal trainers, gyms, clubs and physiotherapists. A clear advantage of the sport is its space-saving size with a diameter of 50 cm and its low weight of 4.8 kg. Due to its robust construction it can be loaded up to 136kg. It also has 6 non-slip feet for maximum grip on the ground.

BOSU Balance Trainer Elite

With the BOSU Balance Trainer Elite, athletic training can be carried out at the highest level. Its construction makes it the most durable balance trainer and with a load capacity of 180kg it is designed for top performance in sports. The special "PowerLine" and "PowerZone" markings serve to optimally position the body during athletic training.


The BOSU Rack is the ideal solution for space-saving storage of your BOSU Balance Trainer. The shelf offers space for 6 inflated Balance Trainers and with its stylish design provides a tidy look in your training room.

Training with the BOSU® Trainer

Due to the unique combination of exercise ban, balance board for stabilization and strengthening exercises, the variety of exercises with theBOSU Trainer is almost unlimited. The unstable surface means that the muscles, tendons and ligaments have to perform constant balancing movements (proprioception), which is why dietary stabilising muscles are also promoted. The BOSU BalanceTrainer can also be used in rehabilitative training for ankle, knee, hip and back problems.

Basically, the training units can be designed very differently with the stability trainer. Due to its size, it offers good basic stability and is therefore more suitable for senior training than an ordinary balance pillow. Advanced athletes can make their workout on the BOSU Trainer with a Theraband, a medicine ball or light dumbbells more varied and intense. If you don't feel like joining a gym, you can use the Balance Trainer as a "home trainer" for your daily workout without any problems.