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The BLACKROLL® brand was founded in 2007 by Jürgen Dürr. In 2009, the company received the Thieme Verlag Physiopreis at the Physiotherapeutenkongress. In the meantime, the BLACKROLL® brand has become indispensable in the fitness, sports and health sectors. Due to the high demand for BLACKROLL® fascia training, more and more products came onto the market. In 2013 the company was restructured by Marius Keckeisen and in further steps BLACKROLL® AG was founded.

The successful and innovative company works closely with physicians, scientists and therapists to continuously develop further high-quality products for health promotion. Training with the Blackroll offers people of all ages and training levels the opportunity to contribute to their own well-being through intensive self-massage and functional training.

Who or what is Blackroll®?

The effect of the BLACKROLL®

The fascia training of BLACKROLL® products can actively contribute to increasing performance, fitness and well-being. The application has the following positive effects:

  • Increased mobility, flexibility and muscle performance
  • Prevention of muscle pain and damage
  • Acceleration of regeneration
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Targeted increase in performance through special warm-up exercises

What special features does BLACKROLL® offer?

BLACKROLL® AG pays attention to high-quality processing and stands for the best quality of its products. They also attach great importance to environmentally friendly production processes. All articles are manufactured in Germany, are 100% recyclable and free of any chemicals. They have been awarded the AGR seal of quality and are heat stable up to 110°C.

Application areas of BLACKROLL® products

Blackroll products are ideal for increasing mobility and treating painful muscle hardening. Due to the handy sizes, fascia training can be carried out in the tightest of spaces at almost any location. In self-massage one works mainly with one's own body weight and can therefore vary the pressure on the tissue to be treated individually. In addition to rollers and balls, BLACKROLL® also offers postures for posture correction and massage sticks with vibration. Fascia training can be carried out as a cool-down for relaxation after training or as mobility training for optimum preparation of the sports unit. For the sake of clarity, we have compiled a BLACKROLL® product range.


hardness grade

field of application

Blackroll Soft (med)

20% softer than the Blackroll Standard

Suitable for persons sensitive to pain and beginners, use in therapeutic areas

Blackroll Standard


The classic among all fascia rolls, suitable for persons with normal connective tissue.

Blackroll Pro

50 % harder than the Blackroll Standard

For even more intensive self-massage, suitable for experienced and professional athletes

Blackroll Mini


For the massage of feet, hands, arms and neck

blackroll groove


Stronger massage effect due to grooved surface (vibration massage)

Blackroll Ball


Suitable for selective treatment of all body areas



Application for massage of parallel muscle strands, recess for spine

For people who want to read more about the world of fasciae and their training we recommend the following books:

Contraindications which exclude the use of BLACKROLL® products

Basically, there are three hard contraindications for which treatment with Blackroll products should be avoided. These are:

  • Acute pain
  • reddening
  • swelling

In the case of so-called soft contraindications, it can be decided individually whether fascial training makes sense. A few examples are given below:

  • pregnancy
  • taking blood-thinning medication
  • osteoporosis
  • tumor diseases
  • damaged discs