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BellaBambi® Markenshop BellaBambi®

BellaBambi is the leading manufacturer of silicone cupping bells. During application, they create a negative pressure on the skin, which lifts the fascial layer. The resulting space facilitates the loosening of the glued fascia and provides more suppleness and accelerates regeneration. Under the edge (peeling edge) of the BellaBambi suction cup, pressure is exerted on the tissue to promote mass transfer. The fascia bells are suitable for use in training and physiotherapy, as well as for use at home in the beauty and wellness sector. The BellaBambi is dishwasher safe, biocompatible and dermatologically tested. It meets the highest quality standards and is manufactured in Germany.

Who is BellaBambi® and which products do you manufacture?

Different products for different applications

BellaBambi is the most versatile fascia bell on the market with its three different intensities and innovative peeling edge. The cupping treatment with Bella Bambi is suitable for very young as well as older people due to its different intensities. The bells are available in two different sizes.

BellaBambi® Original

The BellaBambi Original has a diameter of 3.5cm and is ideal for use on the back, stomach or legs. The treatment can be carried out either with or without oil.

BellaBambi® Mini

The BellaBambi Mini has a diameter of 2cm and was specially designed for use on smaller parts of the body such as the face, hands and hands.

The different strengths of BellaBambi® are

  • SENSITIVE: For beginners, very young and older people, for use on sensitive skin such as the face.
  • VITALITY: Suitable for people with normal connective tissue and for use on insensitive parts of the body such as legs and back.

The correct application of BellaBambi®

The cupping bells have a non-slip surface and therefore fit particularly well in the hand. The suction strength can be varied as required by compressing the material to varying degrees. The innovative peeling edge ensures a secure hold and the desired shearing force. In addition, there are various application techniques that can also be used in combination with each other. Here's an overview of the different techniques:

- Pinching: Let the BellaBambi suck in for a second and pull it off immediately. This plucking massage gives impulses for the formation of new tissue and is therefore used as a countermeasure for stretch marks.

  • Sliding: Suction the cupper to the desired position and slowly slide over the skin. The muscle tone is lowered and the blood circulation promoted.
  • Mobilizing: Keep the suction cup sucked on the skin and move the underlying tissue using exercises.
  • Tipping: Put the BellaBambi on your skin and press or tilt it with the tip in different directions. This creates a strong stretch in the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Circling: Put the bell on the skin and turn the tip counterclockwise. This creates an increased shear effect and penetrates deep into the fascia layers.
  • Pump the BellaBambi and lift it up and down quickly. This process brings movement into the extracellular matrix. The change between suction and pressure favors the exchange of fluids in fascia tissue.
  • Placing: Suction the cupping bell in one place and remove it after 20 seconds.