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The company Airex was founded in 1956 in Switzerland and has more than 60 years of experience in the field of closed special foams. When you buy an Airex gym mat such as an Airex Fitline or Airex Corona, you don't do anything wrong: Airex AG is the global market leader - thanks to the famous Swiss quality in the manufacturing process and the best materials, the highest standards are set and an extremely long service life is guaranteed. Even with intensive and daily use, an Airex pillow or mat will win the comparison to other products.

In addition, all Airex brand products, i.e. all Airex Balance Pads, Airex Cushions, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Gymnastic Pads, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Gymnastic Pads, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Gymnastic Pads, Airex Gymnastic Pads, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Pads, Airex Gymnastic Mats, Airex Gymnastic Mats, etc. comply with the legal standards with regard to ingredients and material properties.


  • 1956: Foundation of the brand Airex in Sins / Switzerland
  • 1960: The first Airex brand gymnastic mats are made from foam
  • Early 1960s: Airex AG becomes the market leader in the development of structured foam cores in the sandwich market. A new manufacturing process for a closed-cell foam core is introduced
  • 1975: The new AIREX® soft foam production is started. The innovative closed cell foam has a great influence on the market of gymnastic mats.
  • 1980: Airex AG is a pioneer in the continuous extrusion of lightweight polymer foam sheets. Distribution of the innovative FOREX rigid foam boards begins via dealers for the display applications, stand construction, signage and point of sale markets.
  • 1985: Construction of a new office building, processing and storage rooms. The Airex company is constantly growing and the Airex gymnastic mat is becoming more and more popular.
  • 1995: The now famous and very popular Airex Balance Pad is introduced.
  • 2005: Airex is the first company to use PET foam for sandwich applications. Airex T90 is launched.
  • 2006: 50th anniversary of Airex AG
  • 2012: Market launch of a new AIREX® generation
  • 2016: 60th anniversary of the Airex brand

For which sports and exercises are Airex products suitable?

Airex gymnastic mats are suitable for all applications in yoga and Pilates and can also be used in mobility training or fascia training in your own four walls to form a pleasant and hygienic base. Airex mats such as the Airex Coronella are also used in Group Fitness courses.

Airex Balance Pads ind Airex pillows are increasingly used in rehabilitation and physiotherapy but are also suitable as hygienic pillows for breathing exercises in the yoga studio or for coordination, reaction, balance and balance training.

Quality and product features of the Airex brand

One of the main features of all Airex products is that the special foam is not only supportive and gentle on joints and bones, but also wam and soft. Airex brand products, i.e. all Airex Balance Pads, Airex Pillows, Airex Gym Mats, etc. also offer the same positive properties:

  • The damping of an Airex Corona or Airex Hercules - representative of all Airex gymnastic mats - has an optimal ratio of yielding and supportive ground.
  • Airex products are designed for long use and are made of durable material.
  • An Airex cushion or an Airex gymnastic mat are water-repellent.
  • The surface structure of Airex gymnastic mats, e.g. from Airex Fitline, is non-slip.
  • Airex mats and Airex cushions are easy to clean and antibacterial, making them very hygienic.
  • Airex mats and Airex cushions lie flat on the floor and prevent tripping over protruding corners.