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BOSU Balance Trainer - Sport 50 cm
Item #: LM-1023
BOSU Balance Trainer Sport 50 cm Artzt 033149305361

BOSU Balance Trainer Sport 50 cm Sport 50 cm

  • the original from the USA 
  • includes pump and instruction 
  • usable on both sides 
  • easy handling due to integrated handles
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1-3 workdays
Weight 5.3 kg

Original BOSU® Trainer - the classic for balance and stability training

Bosu Balance Trainer

The Original among the Balance Trainers 

Whether fitness trainer, personal trainer, physiotherapist, or sports clubs - the Bosu Balance Trainer is one of the most popular devides for balance training. Good trunk and joint stability are not only decisive for a secure and precise execution of many movements and fitness workouts but also reduces the risk of falling and injury while training and in everyday life. The Bosu Balance Trainer was developed in the USA and helps you improve body stability, balance, and strength. Result: a perfect posture and body tension. 
Usable on both sides, the Bosu Balance Trainer enables a versatile training spectrum. Mostly, the platform faces downwards - but for some exercises in sitting and lying postures the Balance Trainer can also be used with the platform facing upwards ("gyro"). The Bosu Balance Trainer is available in 3 versions:
Bosu Balance Trainer Pro 
Professional Balance Trainer of high-quality vinyl for highest load requirements and intensive trainings, ideal for the use in studios and therapy institutions. improves balance, core stability & coordination 
usable on both sides for versatile exercise options in one-to-one and group trainings 
Product Details 
  • material: vinyl, plastic (platform) 
  • dimensions: diameter 62 cm (platform); curvature 25 cm (filled) 
  • load: max. 150 kg 
  • color: blue/black 

Bosu Balance Trainer Sport 

Smaller, handier version of the Pro. Ideal for the use at home or also on the way.
Product Details 
  • dimensions: diameter 50 cm (platform); curvature 18 cm (filled) 
  • weight: 4.8 kg 
  • load: max. 136 kg 
  • color: blue/yellow 

Bosu Balance Trainer Elite 
With extreme load capacity and new Power Zone for extended coordination and athletic training. 
Product Details 
  • dimensions: diameter 65 cm (platform); curvature 25 cm (filled) 
  • weight: 8.8 kg 
  • load: max. 180 kg 
  • color: black
Two handles integrated into the bottom help to transport and rotate the device conveniently. It is delivered including pump and instruction. The high-quality, non-slip surface material is easy to clean and disinfect.
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