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Flossingpain-free and mobile due to setting

vom 25.02.2018

What is Flossing and what can I achieve with it?

Flossing is a relatively young therapy method and, if used correctly, can improve joint mobility, muscle strength and fascial elasticity.

By means of a special rubber raft band the tissue is tied off e.g. at muscles or joints. Due to the high compression, the venous return flow is largely interrupted and the arterial inflow strongly reduced. The loosening of the raft band (after approx. 1-3 minutes) creates a "sponge effect", by which used liquids in the tissue (e.g. lymph) and metabolic end products are pressed out and fresh, nutrient-rich liquids are taken up again.

The finning method is mainly used when movement is limited or when movement is painful. The therapy enables patients to make "normal movements" for a limited period of time. If the flopped joint or the affected area is moved three-dimensionally, the required shear forces are generated, which cause glued surfaces of muscles and fasciae to glide and tear adhesions (kinetic-resolve effect). The new stimulus superimposes the pain sensation (subcutaneous irritation), which can lead to improved mobility even in older injuries.

If you want to use flossing as a form of training, you can use it to stimulate muscle growth, since the short-term undersupply of the tissue automatically increases the intensity of the training stimulus. The compensation pressure ensures that pollutants and waste products are pressed out of the muscles and their connective tissue layers and fed to the lymphatic system. When the ligament is removed, the tissue is flushed with fresh extracellular fluid and supplied with glycogen and oxygen in the course of a greatly increased blood flow. The flossing can thus also considerably accelerate regeneration after intensive training sessions.

Our products for your Flossing

The raft straps are available in four thicknesses and four lengths:

  • 1,0mm thick , 1,5m long(yellow) - light

Suitable for use on the upper extremities: Wrist, elbow and shoulder are lighter versions for people with weak connective tissue.

  • 1,5mm thick, 1,5 m long(red) - medium

Suitable for use on the upper extremities: Wrist, elbow and shoulder are of medium strength and optimal for people with massive connective tissue.

  • 2,0mm thick, 1,5m long(black) - strong

Used in areas with high shear forces, e.g. knees (patella tip).

  • 1,5mm thick, 2,5m long(blue) - medium

Is used for the treatment of all large fasciae, e.g. lower leg, calf, thigh.

  • 1,3mm thick, 3,5m long(green) - medium

Suitable for combination finning systems e.g. hip and ISG, thorax.

  • 1,3mm thick, 8,5m long(mint) - medium -extra long

Can be cut to the desired length as required or used as a regeneration band, e.g. whole leg.

  • Flossing Set

Book:Flossing-Therapy and Training, 1x PB Flossband red, 1x PB Flossband black

  • Flossing - Therapy and Training (book)

The different resistance values allow individual, specifically adapted intensities in the therapy application. The different tolerance limits of the clients can also be taken into account.

You want to know more about Flossing? Thank you for attending our Functional Flossing Seminar!

Videos about Flossing:

  • A good combination of Flossing, Foam Rolling and FMT

  • Flossing of the shoulder to improve internal rotation