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NormaTec 2.0 Leg Recovery System Standard

Improve and accelerate your recovery and unlock your next performance level!

The NormaTec brief overview:
  • The recovery tool of the pros
  • Completely digital control
  • Different intensities and programs selectable
  • Set of: 2x leg section, control unit, hose, power supply, app

Celebrated by professionals of the top leagues!

Regenerate like Bundesliga soccer pro Erling Haaland or NBA superstar Ja Morant.

Get the HyperSmart™ app.

With the Hyperice app, you can perfectly tune your recovery with the NormaTec 2.0 Leg Recovery System Standard while getting input from experts and international sports pros. HyperSmart™ helps you get the most out of your Hyperice products and restore your performance even faster with instructions or personalized routines.

Product information "NormaTec 2.0 Leg Recovery System Standard"

The NormaTec 2.0 Leg Recovery System for a body height of 1.60 m (5'3) to 1.93 m (6'4).

The NormaTec 2.0 Leg Recovery System is the next generation of professional recovery for athletes. The Leg Recovery System quickly restores your legs to freshness and performance, helping you warm up before workouts and recover after training and competition.
Trusted by 97% of American professional teams, NormaTec's patented technology increases circulation, reduces pain and tension, and gives you a competitive edge.

The PULSE 2.0 also features a Bluetooth-enabled app that allows you to seamlessly integrate your recovery session into your training plan and control your treatment directly from your phone.
The boot is suitable :
  • For thigh diameters up to 73 cm.
  • For a stride length of 71- 86 cm
Product details:
  • Contents: NormaTec 2.0 control unit, hose, power supply unit, two leg attachments
  • Bluetooth wireless technology enabled app
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Compact, lightweight design (weight: 1.63 kg)
  • Customizable time, pressure and zone settings
  • Zone boost function
  • Reinforced, durable construction
  • Two-year warranty on all components

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