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Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth

Give your body the daily relief its been asking for. 

Hypervolt from Hyperice.

Pill shaped grip for a comfortable hold

3 speeds of powerful percussion

Bluetooth® connected to the Hyperice App

The new Hypervolt Bluetooth

  • With Bluetooth function and Hyperice App
  • Powerful 90 Watt high-torque motor
  • Quiet Glide™ Technology - very quiet
  • 3 speed levels with up to 3,200 beats per minute
  • Lithium-ion battery (up to 2.5 hours runtime)
  • 5 interchangeable head attachments
  • High quality Hyperice storage bag
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • New pressure sensor technology

Download the Hyperice app for your Hypervolt 2 now!
  • Compatible with Apple Health and Strava
  • Exclusive content from top professionals
  • Customized training and recovery programs for your needs

How do the Hypervolt devices differ from each other?

Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth - Vibration Massage Tool

The big brother of the Hypervolt. 50% more power for those who demand more performance from their training equipment.
With the Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth you get more power for your workout or recovery. Instead of the 60 watt motor on the Hypervolt, the Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth has a whopping 90 watts of power to take you to the next level.

What is the Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth?
Like the standard Hypervolt, the Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth allows you to treat your tissues at up to 3,200 beats per minute. However, the increased power allows for an even more intense massage.
The positive effects are that muscle stiffness and soreness can be alleviated and blood flow, range of motion and overall soft tissue health can improve. The Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth is particularly well suited to work in the areas of mobility, recovery time and faster healing after muscle injuries.

Thanks to Quiet Glide™ technology, the Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth is also still very quiet to use and of course, it also features the brand new pressure sensing technology that gives the user instant feedback on the correct treatment pressure, especially when working with patients. The matte black finish makes the Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth a real eye-catcher.

Brand new is the Bluetooth feature that makes your fascia massage even better with the help of the Hyperice app. Not only does it allow you to create a customized massage program to suit your needs, but it also includes exclusive content from top professionals as well as massage programs developed by Hyperice.

Product details:
  • With associated app and Bluetooth function
  • Powerful 90 watt high-torque motor with Quiet Glide™ technology - very quiet
  • 3 speed settings with up to 3,200 beats per minute
  • Lithium-ion battery (up to 2.5 hours runtime, the same battery found in Teslas)
  • 5 interchangeable head attachments and storage bag
  • Ergonomic design - weight 1.3 kg
  • New pressure sensor technology that enables targeted treatment
  • Elegant matte black finish
  • High-quality packaging for storage and transport

Your benefits with the Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth at a glance
  • Can help relieve soreness, muscle stiffness and muscle pain
  • Can help speed recovery times
  • May help heal muscle injuries faster
  • May increase range of motion
  • Increases local blood flow to the tissues
  • Very light and user friendly
  • Five attachments for different treatment focuses
  • Significantly quieter than comparable products
  • New possibilities for fascia massage thanks to associated app and Bluetooth function

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