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Hyperice - Venom Shoulder Links

Optimal regeneration for your shoulder muscles
  • Control unit with digital touch screen
  • High quality neoprene
  • Three heat levels
  • Better results through combination of heat and vibration therapy



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Product number: A07001

For more relaxation, better regeneration and therapy

In the USA, Hyperice is already used by many athletes for regeneration and prevention. In doing so, the brand impresses with advancedproducts that take advantage of heat and vibration technology to optimally support the body's regeneration.

Venom massage bandage helps highly effective relaxation of muscles in the shoulder by combining heat and vibration. Modern technology, based on the latest scientific findings, make the Venom one of the best devices to eliminate existing tensions or to act preventively against muscular hardening.

The digital touch screen allows you to customize the temperature, vibration type and duration for your optimal massage.

Product details
  • Control unit with digital touch screen
  • Many different massage sequences and intensity levels
  • Nanotechnology heat
  • 3 heat levels: Level 1: 55C / Level 2: 63C / Level 3: 72C
  • Adjustable neoprene closure (one size fits almost everyone - extension available upon request)
  • Weight: 1,6 Kg (incl. battery)
  • Removable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery life: 1 hour on high setting, Longer on low setting.

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