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BOSU® Balance Trainer - Elite

This product is currently not available
BOSU® Balance Trainer for more stability
  • The original from the USA
  • Pump and instructions included
  • Can be used on both sides
  • Easy handling due to integrated handles


No longer available

Product number: A00824

Original BOSU® Trainer - the classic for balance and stability training

Whether fitness trainers, personal trainers, physiotherapists or sports clubs - the BOSU® Balance Trainer is one of the most popular pieces of equipment for balance training. Good core and joint stability is not only crucial for safe and precise execution of many movements and fitness workouts, but also reduces the risk of falls and injuries during training and everyday life. Developed in the USA, the BOSU® Balance Trainer helps you improve body stability, balance and strength.
Result: perfect posture and body tension.

Usable from both sides, the BOSU® Balance Trainer allows a versatile training spectrum. Usually the platform points downwards - but for some seated and lying exercises the Balance Trainer can also be used with the platform pointing upwards ("spinning top"). Two handles integrated on the bottom help to transport and turn the device comfortably. It comes with a pump and instructions. The high-quality, non-slip surface material is easy to clean and disinfect.

BOSU® Balance Trainer PRO
Professional balance trainer made of high-quality vinyl for the highest load requirements and intensive training: ideal for use in studios and therapy facilities.
improves balance, core stability & coordination
can be used on both sides for versatile exercise options in individual and group training

Product details
  • Material: vinyl, synthetic material (platform)
  • Dimensions: Ø 62 cm (platform); 25 cm (filled bulge)
  • Load: max. 150 kg
  • Color: blue/black
  • BOSU® Balance Trainer SPORT
Smaller, more handy version of the BOSU® Balance Trainer PRO. Ideal for use at home or on the road.

Product details
  • Dimensions: Ø 50 cm (platform); 18 cm (filled bulge))
  • Weight: 4,8 kg
  • Load: max. 136 kg
  • Color: blue/yellow

BOSU® Balance Trainer ELITE
with extreme load capacity and new Power Zone for extended coordination and athletic training

Product details
  • dimensions: Ø 65 cm (platform); 25 cm ( bulge filled)
  • Weight: 8,8 kg
  • Load: max. 180 kg
  • Color: black

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